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Linux strategy and product architecture consulting

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The aim of this project was to help our client identify the most appropriate Linux components and architecture for a new family of multimedia products.

Our task was to identify all Linux software packages which may be of use in such a product, and provide comments on the quality and suitability of each package. It was important for us to consider both technical and non-technical factors, such as project activity, community size, and license choice.


Starting from a top-level feature list provided by our client, we began by collating a list of all Linux software components. This list included some commercial software. In addition to comparing features, we looked at software and hardware dependencies and how well the software was supported, either by a community or by a commercial organisation. The work was carried out using an iterative process, where our client made suggestions for further areas to be investigated during the research phase.


Our findings were written up for presentation at company board level.