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IP video security system delivery

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Project behind schedule

We were approached by a leading embedded software development house for help with a Linux-based project which was running behind schedule due to internal staff shortages.

The system under development was a networked video recording system based on an off-the-shelf rack mount server running a custom Linux/Busybox image.

We were asked to implement a number of key outstanding pieces of functionality, as well as to help deliver the finished system to the end client.

Adding new features

With time being critical, and resources constrained, we were passed the product specifications and asked to implement a number of outstanding items.

We used our Gstreamer expertise to quickly prototype the functionality before integrating it into the existing codebase.

Troubleshooting and delivery

In the run-up to the final delivery of the project, we were asked to continue our work in order to solve some outstanding issues the end client had logged over the course of the development process.

These extended out from Gstreamer-related niggles to problems in the system boot process and memory usage.

We worked with our client's project managers to define and prioritise the key issues blocking launch, before working through the list in a methodical manner to allow a successful delivery.