Experience matters. Our team has been working with Linux since 1992 and with Embedded Linux since 1998. We work with it every day – it's what we do!

Our expertise and skills

  • Linux Kernel

    Linux kernel

    The kernel is complex and subtle. We do the heavy lifting involved in developing device drivers, adding custom features, or porting to a new hardware platform.

  • Android

    Android is becoming a de-facto standard for Embedded Linux. We can work at the systems level and at with the Android Java Framework.

  • Linux applications

    Linux applications

    We can help you choose which of the many Linux software packages to build on, and how to design your own software to make them work together seamlessly.

  • Networking


    From network device drivers, eBPF, and TCP/IP protocols to network application programming.



    Implementing high quality Linux applications requires a good understanding of POSIX APIs and a range of support libraries; we work with them every day.

  • Multimedia


    We've worked with everything from MPEG set top boxes to adaptive streaming technologies.

  • Upstreaming


    Getting changes integrated into open source projects can be time consuming, but it's the best way to simplify maintenance.

  • Tools


    Compilers, debuggers, analysis tools: we can make the best of the Linux development toolset and teach you how to do the same.

  • Troubleshooting


    Understanding Linux problems gets easier with experience – we've been there and done that.

  • Integration


    Big projects are a skill of their own! We can bring together diverse software components to build a complete system.

  • Automated testing

    Automated testing

    Continuous Integration and design for test. We can build test frameworks to check that software works as designed and stays working.

  • Consulting


    Using our experience, we can research, prototype and report on a topic which might be fundamental to your future product development strategy.